Why I believe in a higher power, but not in hierarchical power.

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Someone once told me that I couldn’t be an anarchist and believe in God because “No Gods, No Masters” is a popular anarchist slogan. I guess you can’t be Jamaican and make a woman cry either, but I digress.

The idea that God is incompatible with anarchism makes sense if…

It’s time for our leader to level with us.

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“My fellow Americans,” President Biden would say, looking directly into the cameras as though they were our faces. There would be no pomp or circumstance. It would just be us and our president, the rest of the room silent. …

Eight years after giving up bulimia, I still struggle with the meaning of my body.

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I was thirteen years old the first time I stuck my fingers down my throat. I’d just started high school then, Bush was still the president and I’d never been kissed before. By fourteen, it was an everyday ritual. I’d slink off to the bathroom after meals, tie up my…

and what to do if you already have

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This past winter, I burned out. Boy, did I burn out.

I don’t know if it was the pandemic, my unhealthy mind or one too many shitty Tinder dudes, but by Valentine’s Day I was existentially toast. Burnt toast, to be exact, the kind you have to scrape the char…

This toxic culture is not my fault, but I’ve found strength in seeing where I bear responsibility.

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Content warning: this essay discusses sexual assault and rape culture in detail. If these are traumatic topics for you, please be mindful of your emotional safety needs and don’t read to your own detriment.

Rape culture — or the societal trend of trivializing sexual assault and tacitly encouraging sexual violence…

Speak up. The world is not going to figure itself out without you.

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we live in unprecedented times. I’ll skip the laundry list of details to hammer home the point — we don’t need it anymore, and what I really have to say is far more urgent. …

It’s not your fault you were raised not to be, but now it’s time to make the change.

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This is a quick and dirty guide to becoming more emotionally present. If you’re not sure what to do with that term, for now just know that it means becoming more self-aware, more authentic, more expressive and more empathetic. Title aside, this is definitely not just for men — every…

and other thoughts on changing our relationship with public lands.

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Ah, Yosemite. If God had a living room, this would be it. Look at that photo. Look at that California sun setting over El Cap, the last warm glow of the evening bathing Half Dome in a glorious mantle of gold.

Look at that photo. It already exists. We really…

A question for all spiritual seekers in the 21st century.

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Like most spiritually-inclined people, I often argue with myself about what really is the most important use of my time and energy in this life. Is the goal of my life to awaken and transcend my attachments to mind, Ego and the compulsive actions of this illusory world? …

Narrative is our main way of making sense of life, but that’s only one way to relate.

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The most memorable class I took in college was called “Narrative and Human Rights.” It was a literature class, technically, focused on analyzing the way we talk about human rights across time and space, and how that changes what we understand human rights to be. …

Anna Mercury

Level 5 Laser Lotus. Writing for a world where many worlds fit.

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