Why I believe in a higher power, but not in hierarchical power.

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Someone once told me that I couldn’t be an anarchist and believe in God because “No Gods, No Masters” is a popular anarchist slogan. I guess you can’t be Jamaican and make a woman cry either, but I digress.

The idea that God is incompatible with anarchism makes sense, if you don’t know what God really is. If you do, it’s obvious that God is the essence of anarchism.

Anarchism is a political philosophy centered on opposition to the state and hierarchical institutions. Anarchists believe that the most fulfilling social fabric emerges organically out of authentic interactions between free, autonomous…

Here’s our way out of this economy’s hyperactive consumer death spiral.

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I’ve had enough.

I’m a promising young American and I’ve hated every job I’ve ever had. I don’t like fast fashion, fast food or Marvel sequels. I don’t like Target. I don’t like expensive clubs or expensive cafés or expensive remodeled gentrifier apartments. I don’t like what socializing is like these days, what options I have if I want to enjoy my life with other human beings.

Even if I liked the options, it costs too much money to have fun. It is prohibitively expensive for ordinary people to live in a way that’s really comfortable and every lucrative job…

We don’t all need to be experts.

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Cuba has a free medical school. It’s called the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM), and by student body, it’s the largest medical school in the world, teaching thousands of students from over 100 countries. Tuition and board are free, and students are trained to become primary care providers. You don’t go to ELAM to become a plastic surgeon or a radiologist. You won’t earn the kinds of paychecks these specialized doctors do, but you also won’t have any debt.

ELAM arose because Cuba understood that having a lot of doctors was good for the public. In Cuba, medicine is…

A guide.

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So, you had a spiritual awakening. A big lightbulb lit up, like revelation, a window opened from a different kind of world and everything changed.

In this new light, everything looks different. The light comes in from a different source now. You have no idea what to do with the stuff of your life anymore, because most of it no longer makes any sense. Most people in your life don’t understand what’s happening to you, and relating to them is getting increasingly uncomfortable.

This is uncomfortable, but don’t worry — we’ll get through it together.

For now, take a deep…

[JOURNAL] On “God’s plan,” the Donner Party, and the yoga of Dolly Parton

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A/N: I tag some essays as [JOURNAL] pieces, meaning they’re more like brain-dumps where I work through questions I’m pondering in real-time, rather than polished and organized articles. I learn by writing things out. I publish these in case anyone’s weird enough to read them. If you don’t follow, that’s okay. If you do, rad.

The Benefit of the Doubt

I get frustrated by the quasi-gaslighting of invalidation. So often, I’ll have a certain perspective or emotional response to a situation, and those around me will completely invalidate it. …

Wake up to the fact that we’re waking up.

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Dolly Parton once said, “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” The Internationale said, “Arise, ye workers from your slumber!” As anyone who’s ever awoken, politically, spiritually or in any other way, already knows — you cannot force someone else to wake up.

Full human conscious awakening is never going to happen by force. Our attempts to wake up those around us are never going to look like they’re working. We can lead a horse to water, but we cannot make it drink.

But my fellow horses, look around. We’re drinking. …

And boy, are we missing it.

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Whatever our personal views might be, I think we can all agree on some basics of what makes a society healthy. A healthy society is one in which everyone is as happy and healthy as possible, where everyone feels fulfilled and able to meet their needs, and where people live in relative peace and harmony with each other and the natural world.

An unhealthy society, then, is one with astronomical disparities in health and happiness, where most people lack what they need to thrive, with regular social unrest, miserable, sick people, and rampant ecological destruction.

The United States is, of…

Some simple practices to transform your life, that anyone can start today.

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Last year, my spiritual practice qualitatively changed from intellectual understanding to the beginnings of actual embodiment. As anyone on the path to greater consciousness, whether or not you call it “spirituality” knows, so many teachings tell us what is true or what we should do, but don’t offer us tangible ways to experience it.

The following are a series of exercises I’ve personally used that I’ve found impactful at qualitatively changing my experience, allowing me to become more intentional, conscious, compassionate, authentic and accepting.

All of these practices are all very simple. “Simple” does not necessarily mean “easy.”

Exercise 1: Talk Yourself Out of Embarrassment

Your thoughts…

The stories we tell about how the world works reveal a lot about our needs and fears.

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I’m going to tell you two stories about your life.

This is the first story: your life is unfair. Life made a victim of you, by inflicting trauma, injustice or oppression wherever you made an attempt at flourishing. The cards are stacked against you, by ignorant people and indifferent systems that view your life as disposable and your happiness as irrelevant. This world is toxic and insane.

Your suffering is not of your making. None of this was your fault, and those who think you should be doing more to make yourself happy are ignoring the very real circumstances beyond…

Why America’s mind is broken, and how we can fix it.

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Watching the brutal season finale of America’s war games in Afghanistan, I find myself heartbroken, but unsurprised. Of course our nation-building project “failed.” Democracy was never why we went into Afghanistan — that was just a pretense to make a deliberately-endless resource war sound palatable. “Freedom isn’t free,” we said; that’s why we went to war. We were there to “spread democracy.” Now all the lies lie out, exposed. The American Empire has no clothes.

Back on the home front, we fight each other over face masks while thousands more people die every week. Fascists and anti-fascists shoot it out…

Anna Mercury

Level 5 Laser Lotus. Writing for a world where many worlds fit | www.allgodsnomasters.com

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