Ah, another one of those love articles I read at first really vibing and then realized the author had an extremely narrow understanding of human need and the fact that all needs are valid! And no surprise, it’s Kris Gage.

So, look. Some people experienced material lack or were taught to value material possessions highly and find gifts extremely meaningful in light of this. Are they lesser or wrong? No!

And some people (like me) process things in language and can’t understand something properly until they put words to it, and so value words from partners very highly because they use words to make sense of the world.

Some people (also like me) don’t tend to focus on lifting others up through doing things for them that they could do for themselves because it just doesn’t occur to us to do so very often, and we don’t want or expect others to do so for us because it just… isn’t how we receive love.

And what of the people who’ve experienced trauma and being touched at random triggers a bad response so isn’t their immediate desire to be shown love?

Just come on, you could cut the judgmental crap about what makes a good and worthy loving human and maybe write from a place of empathy.

Level 5 Laser Lotus. Writing for a world where many worlds fit.

Level 5 Laser Lotus. Writing for a world where many worlds fit.