Also, just like, Ugh.

Do you have any idea how many people (including several I know personally) have entered into a monogamous relationship with a partner who wanted to change the relationship to a polyamorous one after they’d agreed to monogamy and they, y’know, love their partners and want them to be happy and are open to making the change but are struggling with all of the issues of transition?

To say “just say monogamy or bust” misses the part where sometimes we like being in relationships with people we’re in love with (fancy that) and sometimes those people are polyamorous and sometimes you can do things that are hard and work at them and sometimes there are things that make them harder that other people aren’t aware of and sometimes that deserves understanding and empathy and compassion instead of judgment.


I really don’t know how to respond to you without sarcasm and derision, and for that I apologize.

Level 5 Laser Lotus, writing for a world where many worlds fit ||

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