And I think, what of the millions of people (myself included) who will never be able to afford housing in a market like this? What of rent prices? What of the sluggish change in laws for zoning and coding alternative building methods and smaller dwellings? What of the nationwide crack-downs on tent and vehicle living? It just baffles me how any journalist can write about this issue divorced from the broader context of housing insecurity and the criminalization of houselessness. “The market will calm down in a year or so” is decent news for upper-middle class Millennials who can’t afford to drop $1M, but when the majority of us have a future budget for home-ownership that hovers around $50,000 or less, we need to be having a different conversation about the housing crisis.

Stop street sweeps, legalize overnight parking, legalize tiny houses, legalize cob and other alternative building materials, legalize cooperative housing and multi-family properties — this single family suburban horse shit is killing us all.

God, this is Anna. Writing for a world where many worlds fit.