Civilization Bloom, Part II

Organic Emergence of Relationships

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A recap

When I speak of organic emergence, what I mean is the process of a thing coming into being out of its own nature, finding its course through existence through no obedience to external force or pressure, but being allowed to grow and form and change in harmony with its unique state of balance.

What are relationships?

First, relationships are everything.

But what, actually, is a relationship?

It is the way that two entities interact. That means, the way they act with regards to one another.

So, what does it mean to allow relationships to emerge organically?

As previously discussed with the self, the fundamental thing upon which our entire interface with existence rests is feeling. What we feel is the only tool we have to relate to the outside world, and thus, the only thing on which a relationship can be built.

Communication and Authenticity

Communication is the only tool we have for building relationships, and it is always an imperfect approximation. To allow communication to emerge organically means to allow it to arise naturally from feeling. It means communicating authentically, as authentically as you can, that which you feel and need.

Control and Hierarchy

Our world is built on control. Many aspects of our lives are rooted in control-based structures, where one entity endeavors to use its force to keep us from using our force. Think of the existence of police. Think of a parent telling their child not to touch something. All of this stems from an understanding of relationships where people seek to exercise control over one another, and limit the ability of others to allow their actions to arise organically out of their natural state of being.


To allow a relationship to emerge organically requires trust. Trust is the opposite of fear. In trusting ourselves, and each other, we allow natural harmonies to arise rather than seek to determine what they will be.

Consent and Non-Coercion

For anyone to consent to their relationship to anything, there must be a relative equality of power between the parties, and an active culture of respect between the parties for each other’s needs.

Authentic Responsibility for Others

So, what of responsibility? If we all simply allow each other to choose freely, what responsibility do we bear for one another?

Mutual Aid

It is from this space of awareness of feelings and response to them, and only from this space, that organic harmonies of needs can emerge. These harmonies of needs can be embodied by the term mutual aid.

Free Association

The concept of free association means that we can associate with whomever we please, and disassociate from whomever we please, along the lines of consent. When we stop consenting to a relationship, we are free to disassociate from it.

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