First, any argument that rests on a particular understanding of “human nature” rests on absolutely nothing. Your opinion is baseless. We have no objective way to say what human nature is or isn’t, because it is eternally being conditioned by the structures that emerge from it, and conditioning them in turn. You can’t extract the one from the other.

I, for one, think human nature is malleable and evolving, both creating and created by the conditions that surround it and interact with it (such as the rest of nature, and human structures, and human culture.)

I do think we are lacking a social framework (or series of frameworks) that would allow a fluid, self-determined and communal society to emerge, and I’ll challenge you to give any actual reason for why you think this isn’t something we lack or could have.

“Chaos is our nature” no, actually, nature is our nature. Nature contains both order and chaos, and chaos perceived as order, and order perceived as choas.

As for loving others more than oneself — that’s literally impossible. You can love others AS yourself, but a universal Oneness can only be achieved through embracing and accepting the self and THROUGH the self, transcending it. But it cannot come from denying the self; this maintains the false dichotomy of Self and Other and continues the exact. same. problem.

For more on this, read any of the other dozen things I’ve written on the subject ;)

God, this is Anna. Writing for a world where many worlds fit.

God, this is Anna. Writing for a world where many worlds fit.