First, thank you for writing this. I admit a bit of the grammar got me lost in the points you were making, but it means a lot that anyone took the time to read something I wrote and that it instilled in them a desire to respond. This instilled in me a desire to respond:

I’m urged to say “I think you misunderstand anarchism,” but of course, I cannot. What anarchism is is up to you. That’s the point.

What I can say with confidence is: you misunderstand what I mean by anarchism.

You may have a different term for what I describe, and that’s fine. I’m setting my own term, and I choose “anarchism.” I make the rules for myself. Again, that’s the point.

I can obey an authority and be an anarchist. Anarchism is about freely given consent, voluntary association and self-determination. That’s it. I can freely consent to be controlled or remove consent from that control. I can voluntarily associate with whomever I wish. I can determine for myself who has power over me, whether they have power over me, and when I wish for that to change.

And the thing is — this is all ALREADY true. Everything we do is a choice. Aside from obeying natural laws/laws of physics, everything we do is a choice. Why? Because dying is always a choice.

The only thing I think WE THE RIGHTEOUS LEFTIST ANARCHISTS want is for our consent to feel more freely given, for our associations to feel more voluntary, and for our determination to feel more self-controlled.

Part of this is done in the mind, in the internal self. Part of this is done in the world, in the external self.

Buddha had it half-right, but we’re talking about Utopia here, not something as trite as Nirvana.

It’s as spiritual as it is political as it is personal as it is universal.

I sense in your writing a frustration with the inability to escape the loop. No matter how free you get, you’re still sucking someone’s dick, so to speak. You can’t go the whole way. Everything woke you do reinforces something oppressive.

Well, yeah. Welcome to hell. It’s also heaven. Think about the yin-yang. Raise your white flag and surrender to it. Raise your black flag and resist it. You’re always doing one or the other, and they both reinforce each other.

If you think this is ridiculous that’s because it is.

God, this is Anna. Writing for a world where many worlds fit.