God I Hate the Discourse

The one in which I offer social commentary about social commentary

Anna Mercury
8 min readOct 1, 2023
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

It’s October now. Are we still talking about Russell Brand? Did I miss the chance to give my hot take? Well, too bad:

I liked Russell Brand’s interview with Mooji and some of his commentary on addiction and the 2020 presidential debates. I find his fixation on clickbait conspiracy theories to be tiresome. I used to live around the corner from him in London and I once saw him walking home with a chicken dinner from Bird. I’d guess that, regrettably, the allegations against him are probably true. I don’t think he’s some sinful hyper-sexual miscreant or anything like that; I just recognize that powerful people, especially powerful men, are primed for a sense of personal entitlement and unaccountability that seem to go hand in hand with violating other people. Also, rape allegations are usually true.

That is the sum total of everything I think about Russell Brand. In my humble opinion, that’s as much as any of us should ever think about Russell Brand.

But according to the Internet, a lot of people have a lot of thoughts about Russell Brand. A lot of people want to share their thoughts. A lot of people are sharing their thoughts in a lot of places I can’t avoid seeing.