I'm both livid now, and validated in really deep ways I didn't know I needed to be. Thank you for this article. Seriously, damn. This resonated deeply. If I may vent, for a moment, because apparently I need to now: I've had a similar ~glow up~ experience, especially in the past few years, and it is has been unsurprising but likewise utterly bewildering how much has changed. For me, one of the biggest things was that, growing up (like you, I'd imagine) - I was, well, quite obviously smart - and others had no trouble noticing that and accepting it. Since I've gotten hotter, people are utterly shocked to find out I'm intelligent. Not only shocked, but men in particular seem to be downright offended by it - like it's cute for a while, but when they realize that it's real intelligence, it's like I've duped them. "But you're hot! You're not supposed to be like this!" their reactions seem invariably to say. And last but not least, the color of my hair. Shite on a Triscuit. I'm tolerated as being hot-and-smart as a brunette, but when I was bleaching my hair platinum blonde? Any obvious signs of intelligence went over like an assault.

In conclusion, damn, wow, I clearly needed to process some stuff and this article clearly touched a nerve. I hope you're okay with my rambling here, and I'm sorry if you're not... Thank you for writing this! It meant a lot to me.

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