It sounds to me like your problem is not with the articles, nor their authors, but with a belief that you "should" be ready for something you're not ready for. You're at where you're at in your healing process, and that's just fine! Keep going, I'm with ya sister.

Personally, I didn't really heal from my own abuse at the hands of someone engaging in narcissistic behavior until I liked myself again. Trying to force myself to forgive when I wasn't ready to yet was yet more abuse.

Then, I found I couldn't fully heal from abuse at the hands of a man who engaged in narcissistic behavior until I empathized with him and realized how often I engaged in narcissistic behavior myself. I stopped viewing him as "a narcissist" and started viewing him as a traumatized human who responded to his trauma by being abusing me because he hated himself so much. I found that kind of sad.

But I could not get there until I fully shed the notion that it was in any way my fault. It was not my fault. Turns out, not being my fault did not make it his fault either. Trauma just is, until it's healed. The casting of blame makes everything painful, but we have to hold onto it until we're authentically ready to release it, and we get there when we get there. There is no "supposed to." It is or isn't now.

You are exactly where you're supposed to be in your healing process. Your healing is healing others. We love ya

Psychopomp to Utopia.

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