I've been having such a similar experience!! I grew up in a family of ex-Catholics and scientists, with a lot of queer close friends in a fairly conservative Christian school, so when I was young I HATED Christianity. I saw the way people used their "faith" to be so corrosive, cruel and narcissistic and it spoiled the whole thing for me. But since really going through my own spiritual awakening in earnest, and especially since reading A Course in Miracles, I just authentically feel so differently about Christian scripture now. I found a copy of the New Testament someone had stuck in a redwood stump last week and instead of feeling angry at the missionary-ness of it, I was like "Dope. Can't wait to read this again from a new perspective." When we know God, we see God there in every religion, in all the great teachings, from Lao Tzu to Jesus.

Psychopomp to Utopia. www.allgodsnomasters.com

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