Smells like new age spirituality dragged in some colonial capitalism again. Why don’t people get that we can’t just break down our inner consciousness blockages and open to genuine thriving without also breaking down and replacing the outer blockages to our thriving, like, perhaps, global economic and social systems founded on entrenched power hierarchies…?

I swear by psychedelics as important tools, but they are tools. They can be used as medicine, but need to be legalized and taken seriously as researchable tools. And the research process needs to include far more history of how psychedelics have been used, not just research that pharmaceutical companies can profit from.

Honestly, the most important thing my experiences with psychedelics have taught me is a visceral understanding of, “as within, so without.” Working internally to practice compassion while working in community to build mass movements towards decommodifying resources and democratizing power is my new spiritual therapy. I highly recommend it ;)

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