This is really thoughtful and thought-provoking. I absolutely support having this debate, and absolutely oppose outlawing climate change denial--not only for free speech or "slippery slope" argument-related reasons, at least not entirely. First, climate change-denying propaganda is not the root cause of climate change, obviously, so stopping the propaganda will of course not stop the emissions. Personally, I pin our lack of decisive action on climate change on a pervasive lack of democracy that makes fossil fuel company interests represented above human interests in our legislature, not on "too many ordinary people not thinking climate change is a thing." A law like this would mostly serve to make climate-anxious people feel better and be less annoyed at the media than actually stop climate change.

I think it's a useful debate to have, though, because it gets people thinking about the impact of our words and actions and how we're being conditioned. Here's another debate I'd like to have: ban profit.

It's a good topic of debate but a bad idea. Much love to you all the same though, Erik, I hope you are well! i@

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