Twelve Pieces of Advice

in no particular order

Anna Mercury
2 min readJun 3, 2021


Photo by Arnaud Mesureur on Unsplash

1. The transformation that you cannot find without comes within. The transformation that you cannot find within comes without.

2. Notice the rare moments when everything true feels possible. Let them inspire you to create a world where they aren’t rare.

3. You cannot heal the past. You can only allow the present to heal you, and in doing so, you build a future that won’t have to be healed from.

4. Punishment is the act of traumatizing someone in order to alter their behavior. Trauma is the source of maladaptive behavior. Punishment makes and preserves the conditions for itself to exist. You can learn to give it up entirely.

5. Rather than declare what you want to be impossible, declare it to be possible and figure out how to get there. Trust in help when you don’t know.

6. You will never learn the answer if you do not ask the question.

7. You respond to your surroundings, and your surroundings respond to you. Responsibility is the ability to respond. Let responsibility come to feel like an authentic choice.

8. You cannot build anything that lasts on a false premise. When you stop pretending, you have so much more energy for creating.

9. You have nothing, but you have your relationships to everything. Seek to purify your relationships, not what you think you’re relating to.

10. The world is always exactly as free and beautiful as it feels in the best moments. Change what you can change when that feels impossible to believe, and release your expectations when you can’t.

11. Without role or hierarchy, without force or fear, interacting with anyone becomes like traveling to a beautiful new land. Without expectations, there is nothing but beauty.

12. You are what you love. Give what you want to receive.



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