Why Democratization is the Answer

Why do I think the best solutions to our problems come from giving more power to more people?
Why do I think it will come from cooperative work-places and direct democratic institutions?
Why do I think people need to be more empowered to handle their own conflict resolution and security?
Why do I think communities should have the ability to work together to provide for their needs, and be empowered to do so, rather than rely on a centralized state?
Why do I think bottom-up organizing would ever work?

Because I trust people more when they have to work together than when one person has power over another.

I trust the universally empowered more than I trust the powerful. I trust the genuinely, laterally empowered more than I trust how even the powerless react to power hierarchies.

Because I don’t think people respond well to being dominated by others, or to dominating others.

I think people respond best to having their needs met, and being able to meet them.

My question is: why don’t you?

Level 5 Laser Lotus, writing for a world where many worlds fit || www.allgodsnomasters.com

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