Wow. I feel famous. Hahaha.

Nice article, I agree with some of your points — though I absolutely think electoral politics perpetuates systemic hierarchies which are antithetical to any progress that might make humanity conscious enough to survive. The act of engaging with politics to create systemic change is not only done through electoral; electoral is a tiny, and I’d argue ineffectual piece of it. Organizing locally I think is far more effective, but you and I have different goals there. I’m worried less about how we stave off catastrophe, because I see any political framework not rooted in the reality that our systems are fundamentally unsustainable and therefore will not sustain to be a childish fantasy. I’m more concerned with how we rebuild our communities as the catastrophes inevitably worsen. For this latter goal, as you know, I believe building empathetic and inclusive political structures is the only way forwards. Fortunately and unfortunately, it calls on us to do deep emotional work on ourselves in order to relate empathetically with one another, which I also think is the only way humanity will become conscious enough to survive. Go figure.

Thanks for mentioning me. That’s never happened to me before. I’m not quite sure how to handle it, so my apologies if this was the wrong way.

Psychopomp to Utopia.

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