You cannot say what human nature is by itself; it always interacts with social structure and conditioning mechanisms. To say that our nature is this quality or that quality is unscientific bullshit; you just don’t know how much is nature, how much is nurture, what the difference actually is between the two, and whether or not their interaction could change either. You’re claiming these things to be true without using your mind scientifically to accept that your limited viewpoint may not be the only viewpoint that exists.

But let’s say you’re right — let’s say there’s a single causal direction, and it is that human nature is human nature and human culture and society come out of it. Let’s say your definition of human nature is correct: that humans are scared, and angry (anger is just a reaction to being hurt, so let’s actually say they are hurt), let’s say they’re self-centered, and hedonistic.

What kind of world would you push for so that those qualities became good things?

So that when someone felt fear, this would push others around them to encourage vulnerability to allow emotional openness? When someone felt anger, that anger was dealt with as the pain that it really is and society tried to soothe and alleviate it? How would you build a society so that being self-centered served the interests of all? How would you build a society so that pleasure-seeking behavior could serve to benefit everyone?

I’d like for an actual response to this last bit, the questions. I’m actually asking. If this is your diagnosis of the human condition, what’s your prescription? To say “This is human nature and we can’t do anything about it” is just lazy and shows a lack of thinking, and I’d guess that you’re not lazy or incapable of thinking, so I wanna hear what you have to say :)

God, this is Anna. Writing for a world where many worlds fit.

God, this is Anna. Writing for a world where many worlds fit.